The brand new VIP Lucky Jackpot at Captain Cooks Casino

Have you been checking the brand new VIP Lucky Jackpot regularly? Every 8 hours there are 5 jackpots to be won!

The higher the Status Level you are, the more Jackpots you are eligible to win! e.g. if you are Gold Status, you are eligible to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze jackpots. If you are Diamond Status, you are eligible to win all 5 jackpots, a total of over $2800 !

Just head over to the ‘VIP LUCKY JACKPOT’ tab in your Captain Cooks Casino Lobby and see if your Membership number matches up with the winning numbers – it’s a quick and easy way to win some money for the weekend.

Operating since 1999, Captain Cooks Online Casino is the award-winning online casino as recognized by Casino Player Magazine in seven of its ‘2001 Best Of’ categories for online gaming including The Best Software, The Best Online Casino Theme and The Best Payout Program.

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