The biggest online jackpot in history won at Betsson

A student from the comunity Hordaland came home after a night out an wanted to spend a bit of time on Betsson Casino after watching a movie. That decision made him 11.7 million euros richer last week.

“This is unbelivable, I didnt beleive it and had to call my brother and a few friends” the record jackpot winner told Betsson Casino.

“It hasn´t really sunk in yet. I couldn´t sleep until 06:00am due to the shock! I woke up at 07.00 again. It was just impossible to sleep, and i am shaking and sweating. I haven´t thought about what to do with the winnings. I need to try and calm down before even thinking of what I do with the money!´ says the 20 year old student.

We talk about the record night and he says that after watching a late night movie he took his computer and went in to his bedroom.

The student quickly found free spins from a recent Betsson Casino campaign in his account for the game Mega Fortune – that offers an enormous and atractive progressive  jackpot.

“I usually play in Betsson´s brilliant Sportsbook, but I saw the huge sum of the jackpot and thought “Yeah! Lets give the free spins a shoot and see what happens”. It was a shocking experience when €11.7m dropped before my eyes” – the winner says with a smile.

“Not even in my wildest fantasies did I ever think I would win that €11.7m jackpot. But it has happened and I am over the moon about it.

The winner has asked for and will receive expert financial advice from professional independent consultants provided by Betsson Casino.

About Betsson:
When you visit us at the Betsson Casino you will find everything from table games, slot machines, video slots, video poker, minigames and other casino games – in essence, everything that you would like to play in an online casino is here for you to enjoy.

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