Slots Strategy

Before you start to play on a slot machine, you will want to watch the actions of the players on the machines around you. Try to spot a machine that has been played on for a while with out giving back to much money to its player.

When you find your “loose” machine, you will need to come up with a playing strategy. We have gathered four basic slot strategies that you might want to try on your next visit to the casino.

1) The Play Through Method:
Use your entire bankroll and play it through the slot machine once. Do not play again with any coins that you win. After you finished playing your bankroll through the machine, take any winnings and quit. This method will guarantee that you will leave the playing session with some money if not the actual machines jackpot.

2) The Step Down Method:
For the sake of demonstration of the step down method, let’s consider that you chose to start playing a $5 slot machine. Play the machine until you played one-half of your initial bankroll and than stop.

Count the money that you have earned and add it to the amount left of your initial bankroll. If the sum is greater than your original bankroll, play the amount left from your initial bankroll at the same slot machine. If the amount is lower than your initial bankroll move on to the next denomination machine …(example: a $1 machine). At this slot machine, play half of the money left from your initial bankroll.

Count the money you won and add it to what was left of your original bankroll. If the total is in excess of your starting bankroll, move to a $5 machine again. And if the sum of your gains does not equal or larger than your original bankroll, move down to a quarter machine. Repeat this process over and over again.

3) The Percentage Play Slots Method:
The Percentage Play strategy directs playing a certain fixed percentage of your bankroll for each “pull.” as example, if your session stake is $100. and you chose to play a $1 slot machine. You will play a maximum of 5% of your stake on each pull. Therefore, you will play up to five coins on the first pull.

If you win the pull than you will continue to play at 5%. If you lose you will change your next pull to 5% of whats left of your bankroll and so on. The question is. If you lose half of your initial stake, if you are winning a large sum or once your last ten pulls havecwon you nothing you must quit the machine.

The Blitz Method:
This blitz strategy is most certainly not for the faint of heart or ro players that do not have large bankrolls. Before you start on this strategy you must be absolutely positive that you chose a loose machine and play your entire bankroll through the slot machine whether you win or lose. The objective is to force the machine to pay you a very nice mid-level jackpot. If you get very lucky, you will win a large sized jackpot.

Now that you have learned the Four basic strategies for playing on loose slot machines. you probably want to practice sticking to these set of rules.

Good Luck

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