Roulette Table

Roulette is played at specific table with a roulette Wheel at one end (or in the center). The table itself is covered with a green felt layout with boxes that stand for bets. Each number is either black or red, while the 0 and 00 numbers are green. The part of the table with numbers in the grid stands for Inside bets.

Outside the number boxes there are additional bets, called the Outside bets. These bets cover up to 18 numbers at one time while there are those that cover only 12. You can read more about Roulette bets in the proper page.
American roulette table is no much different from the European one, the main differences being in the 00 slot and the place for additional Call bets (link to call bets) which are still not present at all casinos.

As there may be approximately 8 players at the roulette table at the same time, the chips used in the game are not regular ones as the dealers would easily confuse them. Instead, each player gets special chips of his own color. Even friends and couples are required to be playing chips of different colors.

The dealer asks players to denominate a single chip in his/her stock. When the players say it is either $1, or $5 or else, the dealer places a chip of the particular color and another one of particular denomination near the wheel to control the payouts.

Roulette chips have no value outside the table, as the next player after you may play the same color but with another denomination. Therefore it is strongly advised to exchange the chips when you want to leave.

Roulette Table

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