Report – Australia Better Off by Removing Online Casino Ban

Australia’s online casino gambling ban should be dropped and regulation placed on the Internet gambling industry, says a government report.
The Australian Federal Productivity Commission released the results of its study on gambling and its impact on the country this week, and among the recommendations is the suggestion to remove the national online casino ban. The commission notes that not only is the ban beset by questionable legality, but it is ineffective and leaves consumers unprotected. According to commission figures, Internet gambling represents 4 percent of the national gaming market even while banned, and that number is rising. The report says it is unacceptable to leave citizens in danger of an unregulated international industry, making it imperative to license online casinos. In order to guard children and problem gamblers, as well as prevent fraud and money laundering, the commission says Australia must give up on the failed ban and establish regulations upon the online gambling industry. Further, the report says removing the ban is also economically advisable, as protectionist policies continue market inefficiencies and draw lawsuits by legitimate foreign operators who suffer discriminatory policies.

“In its unregulated form, online gaming is available 24 hours a day, allows credit betting, has no intrinsic restrictions on bet size,” states the report. “The commission recommends that the Australian government allow online gaming subject to a strict regime of consumer protection.”

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