Red Kings Poker Knock ‘em down Challenge Race Launched

All Red Kings players were today invited to register for the most innovative Points Race called the ‘Knock ‘em down’ Challenge. The principle is to enter the Top40 Chart and either maintain or improve your position daily for huge sums of extra cash

This new 5 day ultimate Points race experience is yet another innovative promotion from the marketing team at Red Kings Poker.

Commented Jake Bradbury, Red Kings VIP Marketing Europe, “”How long can Poker rooms keep rolling out the same boring Points Races with minimal excitement to the majority of players other than for the top 5 who sweep all the major prizes in every race run. The Knock ‘em down Challenge is a knock down Race that allows all our players to hunt and be hunted. It allows players to choose an actual strategy of either entering the Leaderboard low and get more knock ‘em down bonuses or entering high and getting a bigger entry prize. But whatever the strategy this challenge promises large amounts of cash”

The Challenge is for players to enter the Chart as a high as possible between the 25th February and 6thMarch and then maintain or improve their position for the following 4 days. If they do both they win!

Players will also earn Knock ‘em down bonuses for those they manage to knock down from higher positions in the Chart. So you need to hunt down players above you and use

Added Bradbury, ‘’ we believe that all our players should be able to compete and have a real chance of earning rewards in our promotions. Yes, in this Challenge the bigger you are the more you can win but strategic thinking can benefit even a smaller player who can hunt down other players and knock ‘em down the Top40 Chart. It’s exciting, it’s all action for each of the 5 days and the rewards will be well worth it “

The Knock ‘em down Challenge Race begins on the 25th February and ends 6th March. All players will have to register and that can be done on the Red Kings website.

Red Kings is the only online Poker room which rewards players for just getting pocket Red Kings and if a player happens to get beaten in a cash game when they have pocket Red Kings they will also get a special bad beat bonus for that as well. Using Red Kings Gift Vouchers players can transfer money to other players with a Red Kings poker account or just give some money as a gift to some of their poker loving friends. Red Kings Poker is licensed in Gibraltar under a white label arrangement with software provider Ongame.

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