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Welcome to page about Sic Bo odds. If there’s a single item that is definite about the game of Sic Bo, with all the combos feasible with 3 dice, at hand are a lot of various odds on the wagers players can make. Once players have started to play a bit of Sic Bo, using the game available in our recommended Online Casino Games software, You will get to learn which wagers players feel more comfortable making, and which ones players want to stay away from. In order to download and install the games on your computer, just click on the “Download Now” link, at the top of this page. It will only take a few minutes to complete the process, and while players are waiting, players might want to take advantage of some of the helpful articles that we’ve put together for players to read. They’re written from the player’s perspective, and will tell players about Sic Bo from another point of view. Once your download is complete, players should try to play along with the Sic Bo game as players read about it. You will get to learn the Sic Bo odds much quicker if players take this approach to learning about this old dice game from China.

A very helpful element about Sic Bo odds is that all players will need to learn is actually found on the table in front of you. If players decide you would like to make a certain bet, the odds are listed right above or below the specific dice combo. You will notice that the odds go up or down, depending on the likelihood of that dice combo being rolled. That makes perfect sense from the casino’s perspective, because they won’t lose as much on the common combos. This situation causes one of two things; either the player is attracted to the wagers with the higher odds, in which case, there’s less chance of winning, but the win can be huge; or that the player is attracted to the lower odds, resulting in more wins, but lower payouts. Either way, players still have to make a choice and pick the Sic Bo odds that players are comfortable wagering on.

Here is a list of the various wagers, and the matching Sic Bo odds that are used in the game in our recommended Online Casino Games Suite:

  1. At the top left and right corners of the table, You will see “Small” and “Big”. This is where players place a wager on the outcome of the dice roll total. “Small” matches to a total from 4 to 10, and “Big” is for a dice total from 11 to 17. Both of these wagers have odds of 1:1. Take note that if a Triple comes up (all 3 dice have the same face value), players lose this bet, no matter what the total.
  2. At the bottom of the table, You will see the “Number Wagers”. Here, players are wagering that a certain number will appear on any one of the 3 dice. Players can pick any number players like, and the odds are different, depending on how many times your chosen number appears in the 3 dice combo. If players number appears once, the odds are 1:1, twice: 2:1, and a triple pays 3:1.
  3. Just above the Number wagers are the “Pair Wagers”. Sic Bo odds for these wagers are 5:1, no matter which “Pair” players wager on. Keep in mind that it’s not actually a true pair that players will be wagering on. Those wagers are placed at the top area of the table, and are discussed later. When players chose this bet, players are seeking a specific two-number combo to show up on the next roll. If both of the numbers players picked show up, players win.
  4. Next above the Pair wagers are the “Total Wagers”. With these wagers, players are seeking the total sum of all 3 dice. Players can wager that any total from 4 to 17 will show up, and the Sic Bo odds for each total are a little different. Below, players will find a list of the odds for each respective 3 dice total:
    • Total of 4 or 17 60 to 1
    • Total of 5 or 16 30 to 1
    • Total of 6 or 15 17 to 1
    • Total of 7 or 14 12 to 1
    • Total of 8 or 13 8 to 1
    • Total of 9, 10, 11, or 12 6 to 1
  5. Now, back up to the top of the Sic Bo table layout, and players can see in the center of the area at the top, between the Small and Big wagers, there are wagering areas for Doubles and Triples. With the Doubles, players are wagering that players will see a specific double will appear within the 3 dice combo. For example, players might wager on Double Two, and you would be hoping for at least two of the three dice to show up with 2’s on them, and the odds on this wager are 10:1.
  6. With the Triples Bet, there are two types to choose from. Players may bet, simply, that any triple will come up, which is denoted by the area at the very center of the top portion of the table, and if there is any triple showing after a roll, players get Sic Bo odds of 30:1 for your bet. On the other hand, if players wager on a specific triple to show, your odds increase dramatically, to 180:1.

Now that you have viewed some info about the specific wagers available at the table, and the Sic Bo odds that go along with each type, players should also learn that there is nothing to stop players from placing multiple wagers on the table at the same time. Just like any other gambling game involving dice and some others, like Roulette, players may place as many wagers as players like on each roll of the dice. We hope that this page has given players a lot of helpful info about this fascinating game. If there is anything else you would like to learn about Sic Bo, please be sure to visit the other pages we’ve provided for you, such as our Introduction to Sic Bo, Sic Bo Strategy and How to Play Sic Bo. And don’t miss out on the opportunity for really fast-paced learning and fun; download our recommended Online Casino Games using the image link above.

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