Sic Bo Glossary

Sic Bo is a traditional game originated in China and played with three dice. The point of this game is to guess which numbers will show on the dice after they are shaken.

Tai Sai or Dai Siu – Translates into Big Small. It is played with three standard dice that are shaken in a basket or plastic cup.

Spin – This starts the cage spinning to tumble the dice. Spin is inactive until at least one bet has been placed on the table.

Re-Bet – Places the same wager amounts on the same bets as you had for the previous Spin.

Clear – Clears all wagers from the table and returns the amounts to your balance.

Chips – Chips of various denominations are on the table edge. Clicking a chip sets the value of the chip attached to your cursor. When you left-click on a bet spot, the cursor will place a chip of that value on the spot. Additional left-clicks will add more chips of the same value. Right-clicks will remove chips.

Layout – The table layout shows the various bets you can make. Left-click on a bet spot to place chips for a bet, right-click to remove chips. As you mouse-over various bet spots, a message will appear at the bottom-center of the control panel indicating the bet type for that spot.

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