Sic BO

Sic Bo, which stands for dice pair, is an old game of chance that originated in China and is played with three dice. The game table is elaborately lit and can occasionally be located in a specific part of the casino kept especially for Asian games.

It is a fairly easy game to play, for the objective of the game is to either pick out the singular digits, or a combination of the digits, that will come up on the dice after they are stired and rolled. The wagering and their payoff totals are illustrated on the table design by displaying the confronts of the dice in their many outcome posibilities. There are singular die digits, two of a kind, three of a kind, or combos of any two or three of the dice.

There are 7 different kinds of bets that can be placed during a Sic Bo game:

  1. Bets can be made on any single side of the six dice, 1 through 6. If that side comes up on any one of the dice, the bet is rewarded at 1:1. If two of the dice come up with the same number, the bet is rewarded at 2:1. If all three dice comes up on that same number, the bet is rewarded at 3:1.
  2. A bet may be made on a combo of 2 specific numbers. If these 2 numbers come up on any two of the dice, the bet is rewarded at 5:1.
  3. Bets can be placed on the sum of all three dice. Each player can wager on any particular sum of numbers tranging from 4 to 17. The reward on this wagers ranges from 6:1 to 50:1, relying on upon the total bet.
  4. A different bet is a wager of “small” or “big”. A bet on small wins if the sum of the 3 dice lands between 4 and 10. A bet on big is rewarded if the dice sum from 11 to 17.
  5. A bet may be placed on a specific triplet will come up with a reward of 150:1.
  6. A bet may be placed on any triplet with a reward of 24:1.
  7. A bet may be placed on any pair of digits turning up, with a reward of 8:1.


The game begins once participants put their chips on the assigned areas of their choice. Every participant is responsible for the right placement of their bet on the layout, no matter of if the chips were placed by the dealer or the participant.

When the bets are all in, the dealer shakes the dice in a closed container named a shaker and then places it on the table. The dealer calls the number of each die and types these numbers into the electronic instrument on the table. All winning combinations of the three dice are lighted on the table, and the dealer pays off the winners.

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