Online gambling in the E.U campaign collects 10,000 signatures

A campaign launched with the purpose of the legalization of online casino gambling in the European Union, has gathered the 10,000 signatures an is astone milre closer to its gola of collecting signatures from a million supporters.

It’s really not a surprise that the campaign is grwoing in popularity; the subject of online casino gambling regulation has caused its fair share of controversy around the globe recently.

In Finland, the State run Gambling Monopolies’ cordinator has steped down after disclosures emerged about his organization redirecting net profit reputedly set aside for good motives to the Prime Minister’s election promotion. For the moment, at the USA, wagers on horse racing have finally been legalized, yet highly taxed.

Back in the European Union, the continent’s legislators have made their minds that Ireland’s verdict to impose a minimal charge on tobbacco products stand against European Union antitrust law.

Nevertheless, they have not yet made any effort to impede other countries ignoring these same regulations in the Gambling Industry.

France, customarily one of the strongholds of anti- European Union law, has adjusted its policies lately. General online casino gambling with European Union citizen promoters are to be permitted but online slots, wagering exchanges and the utilitization of existent accounts are not allowed under the new regulations.

The crusade presses on both off and online.

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