Online Casino Gambling-Video Poker Odds

 The odds in a video poker game are technically what we apply to as the probability of hands in your favor. In order to play any game you have to know what are your chances of winning. In poker you have to know your chances for the poker hands as in opposition to something else. There are a number of distinctions in poker games for the odds. Most of this is because in contrast to at either having a wild card or not, and whether or not you can have a pair be the winning hand. In about 1/3 of video poker games you have to have two pair or three of a kind in order to win. The odds for these games are substantially against you.

To receive two pair or three of a kind it is foremost to play a game that has at least one wild card. This is the simpler way to get those types of hands. In the games without wild cards, you are really anticipating to draw three of the same value cards, which is about 11 percent of the time or less depending on the game.

For strategy, it is best to last with the games wherever the odds are in your favor. This doesn’t mean the house edge is decreased, but there are a number of card games suggesting better odds for the hands that you need to win. For example, in video poker you ordinarily have a ratio of 42 percent on pairs. This is any pair, not the winning pair that you may need. Further study has shown the odds for getting jacks or better is roughly 29 percent. This means you still have the odds in your favor for getting the cards you need.

In video poker games, it is intelligent to concentrate on the hands you can get. For example, if you have a pair of two’s in video poker strategy you are told to keep that pair and try for the three of a kind or other type of hand. The possibility of winning with a non winning pair is very low. Still it is a better chance than just scrapping your entire hand, although some strategy states this is the better move. While the odds are very important you also want to concentrate on the game rules. There are various video poker games presenting various rules for the bonuses, jackpots, and of course the types of hands you need. We have contained a chart for Jacks or Better so you can see the payouts depending on the hands you have.

Hand                      1 coin  2 coins  3 coins  4 coins  5 coins
Royal flush               250     500      750      1000     4000
Straight flush            50      100      150      200      250
Four of a kind            25      50       75       100      125
Full house                9       18       27       36       45
Flush                     6       12       18       24       30
Straight                  4       8        12       16       20
Three of a kind           3       6        9        12       15
Two pair                  2       4        6        8        10
Pair of jacks or better   1       2        3        4        5

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