Online Black Jack Tournament at Inter Casino

Online Black Jack players who cherish the tought of taking home up to $100 just by paying a tournament entry fee of just $10 should take a look at the online Black Jack tournament that is running at Inter Casinos Black Jack Tables until the 7th of February. The tournament will take 30 minutes and easch player will be given $500 of tournament chips to bet with, so all players should feel free to use whatever money management strategy all playersthink will enable all players to turn that $500 into something much bigger by the end of that time.

To participate in the online Black Jack tournament, simply visit the Inter Casino online lobby and look under the tournaments section of the More Games category. all playerswill then be able to sign up for the online Black Jack tournament at a cost of $10. In return all playerswill get a $500 tournament token balance. all playerswill now be able to start playing online Black Jack as conservatively or as aggressively as all playerslike.

If all playersare new to online Black Jack tournaments then it might be a very good tought to take a look at a few of our online Black Jack articles before all playersget started. The articles that are likely to be of most use to all playersfor this purpose are the ones entitled Tournament online Black Jack Tips and Basic Strategy, and all playersmight also cherish to have our online Black Jack Chart handy as all playersplay.

The six online Black Jack tournament players who amass the largest number of chips from the $500 starting balance will win a cash prize. All players that will come in at the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th place will win $25. Finish in second place and all playerswill win $50. And, if all playersare the player who builds the biggest tournament balance of all, you’ll win the top prize of $100.

This online Black Jack tournament is very appealing for several reasons. First, all playersdon’t need to invest a great deal of time – all players can bet no more than 30 minutes of online Black Jack for tournament purposes, and players can choose to bet for less than 30 minutes if they wish to. Second, participating in the online Black Jack tournament could be viewed as a great way of warming up for more serious cash games that all playersmight choose to bet afterwards. And, last but not least, the small $10 entry fee gives all playersthe chance to turn it into $100, which is pretty good for just 30 minutes of gambling.

If this online Black Jack tournament sounds cherish something all playerswould enjoy participating in, visit Inter Casino and give it your best shot. Six players will be the winners of a cash prize, and there is no reason why all playersshouldn’t be one of them.

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