New Online Casino Gambling Campaign Crusade

Online casino gamblers are being inspired to sign up to a new crusade calling on the European Union to set up more tolerant gambling rules between member states.
The Online Casino Gambling campaign is focusing on the Citizens Initiative section of the Lisbon Treaty, which promises that the Parliament of the European Union will act if a request of one million signatures is presented.
While Italy and Spain have acquired moves on their own with respect to a more receptive market, France and Germany are reconsidering correction measures, Holland and Portugal are restricting gambling to State-run monopolist online casinos, sports books and lotteries.
In addition, Americans and Canadians are being inspired to sign up as victory in Europe could guide to these nations terminating their injunctions on online casino gambling in favor of a controlled and revenue-generating substitute.
“Right to gamble is an organization consisting of  customers from across the European Union who believe in a citizen’s right to choose,” “We’re aiming to gain one million signatures to the take to the European Union Commission with our ultimate objective being to ensure that the principles of economic freedom in the European Union are applied as fairly to betting and gaming as they are to any other sector.
“We want all European Union citizens to be able to bet with whichever European Union-licensed betting company they choose, regardless of in which member state that company operates from.”

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