Defective slot machine shocks gambler

Defective slot machine, not a online casino gambling slot machine, shocks gambler.

A slot machine at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, which isn’t online casinos gambling slot machine, broke down, producing a electrical shock that knocked down a gambler, according to a lawsuit brought by the victim.

While the occurrence happened over three years ago, Willie Jean Robinson is still waiting to hear whether she can collect civil damages over the strange personal injury case.
Robinson is suing Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and IGT Inc., the manufacturer of the slot machines, for damages linked to her injuries.

The case stems from an incident that happened in March 2006 when Robinson was playing a slot machine at the casino and apparently took in a electrical shock that harmed her right hand and left her with long-lasting loss of feeling in her fingers.

“When Plaintiff put in the card into the slot machine, she was right away shocked by the machine and fell to the floor. The parties who joined Plaintiff to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino attended to her, and it was right away reported to the Defendant Manager on the floor,” the civil complaint reads.
Her attorneys state that Robinson endured a personal injury, lost wages, and sustained medical charges pursuant to the accident. However, the case hasn’t been as simple as deciding who, if anyone, was at deficiency for the broken slot machine.

Robinson’s lawyer, John Hayes of Charleston, S.C., filed the case in Jackson County Court. However, the defendants in the case, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and IGT Inc. can’t agree where the case should be heard.
Last month, legal counsel for Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Tribal Gaming Casino Enterprise asked a judge in Jackson County Superior Court to move the case to tribal court, claiming that a failure to do so would “adversely affect the tribal sovereignty of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.”

Attorneys for IGT Inc., a publicly traded global gaming company, debated that since neither the company nor the plaintiff resides in Cherokee, tribal courts should not have jurisdiction over their portion of the case.
Hayes said after talking to the casino’s attorney, he agrees the correct place for the case to beard is in tribal court. Hayes said he expects Judge Zoro Guice to issue an order that will move the case to tribal court.

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