D.F. who won over £50,000 at Captain Cooks Casino

We’ve got a great interview for you this month with a lucky player who won over £50,000 on a slot game called Tally Ho. The player has some good advice and even an interesting system which he used to help his chances of hitting a jackpot.

Here’s an interview with D.F. who won over £50,000 on Tally Ho at Captain Cooks Casino!

Why did you choose to play at the casino that day?
My vacation had just started, and playing the slots at the casino is a good way to relax after a busy week. I arm myself with a great craft beer, and go looking for a good win.

Why did you choose to play Tally Ho?
I tend to invent some kind of system, and then play that system for a while. The one I have been playing lately is about trying to win enough to be able to play max bet on the more expensive machines. So I start out playing max bet on the cheap ones, and when I win, I try out some of the more expensive ones with the winnings. If I win more, I go to the more expensive ones and so on. I had a few reasonable wins and this machine was simply the next in line in the list of machines to be played.

How long were you playing for before you won?
I am not sure, but I would guess about two hours at the casino, but this game in particular, handed me 10 free spins – 4 on the first spin, where I wagered £90. I have been playing it a few times earlier on with no luck though.

What was your initial reaction?
Pretty happy to hit a quadruple 10 free spin win with a £90 bet, then overly happy when a free spin hit 5 of the same symbol with a wild doubler in it. It stacked up really high; I think i won 600 times the money I wagered in the spin!

Who was the first person you told?
My girlfriend.

How was your experience with Casino Rewards after you won?
I won about £50K in all, and withdrew £20K when I was finished playing Saturday morning – the rest is still with the casino. Already Sunday I had an email from a real person at the casino, confirming the money would be released Monday. This is fast service so I feel I have been treated very well, and I feel my £30K is safe at the casino until I withdraw it or use it for playing.

How are you planning to spend your winnings?
Pay back some debt, then set a little aside from savings, and probably upgrade a computer, get a new cell phone, get some fresh clothes etc. Buy an extra special craft beer for the next casino session. We’re leaving for vacation in a few days, so I’ll treat myself with some extra pocket money.

Any final words of encouragement to other players?
For me, the big wins tend to happen when I need them the most – often after a losing streak. Don’t give up on a losing streak, wait a little longer or pause it, go out and earn some money, and come back – sometimes the next big win is just around the corner.

Operating since 1999, Captain Cooks Online Casino is the award-winning online casino as recognized by Casino Player Magazine in seven of its ‘2001 Best Of’ categories for online gaming including The Best Software, The Best Online Casino Theme and The Best Payout Program.

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