Casino Titan adds new Multiplayer French Roulette

In collaboration with RTG, Casino Titan offers you multiple features that will revolutionize your gaming experience:

– Open, Reserved and Private Tables: join or watch open and reserved tables. Be first to join a table, set it to Reserved mode and decide which subsequent players can join or watch. Set an available table to Private and be the only player.

– Up to five players per table: capability to see who is online, join a table or simply watch them play. Each player has his or her own avatar and nickname. You will be able to see each other’s moves in real time.

– Play Reserved Table and chat with other players.

– Watch option: with no need to play, you can join Open and Reserved Tables just to observe the game in progress.

– Results history: A history box collates results over the last 10 numbers that appear on the roulette wheel with the most recent atop.

– Sound options: players can turn on/off game sound and/or dealer voices.

– Auto play, Favorites and neighbor & call bets.

Want to share the adrenalin rush and thrill of French Roulette with other online gamers? The RTG Multiplayer French Roulette is just for you. Join Casino Titan!

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