Casino Club’s Platinum-Player-Card 2015

Casino ClubThe annual €20K Platinum-Player-Card (PPC) competition is set to begin June 1st and continue all the way through October 31st, for five months of exciting loyalty point races and tournaments. At the end of it all, our highly coveted Platinum Player Card valued at €20,000 will be given away. But the road is paved with many princely profits along the way….

This year, due to popular demand, and our desire to make it more exciting and attractive than ever, the competition has been slightly changed. Instead of monthly raffles, there are a series of monthly races leading up to the big event. This way (by removing the luck of the draw) our most dedicated participants have a better chance of making it to the final. Plus, to further improve odds, we’ve divided the monthly races so slots and roulette/table games players can compete separately, according to their preferred game play.

If you are among the top 200 at the end of any month’s loyalty point races, you are eligible for your respective qualification tournament on the last day of the month. You can access it by logging in from the ‘Tournament Lobby’ in the CasinoClub software.

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Casino Club's Platinum-Player-Card 2015
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