90 Ball Bingo

Play 90 ball bingo

In the 90-Ball game the cards are called Tickets and each Ticket is made of 3 rows and 9 columns. The tickets are sold in Cards, each card contains six tickets. Each card contains all 90 numbers distributed throughout the six Tickets. Five out of the nine squares in each row contain numbers ranging from 1 to 90 and the rest are blank. When a card is played, every possible number from 1-90 is called and therefore, a number is daubed at each bingo call.

90 ball bingo is becoming the world’s favorite version of bingo very fast. Started in the United Kingdom, 90 ball bingo, has become the most popular version of bingo among Australians and Europeans, and emerged as the bingo game of choice for online bingo players outside of the North American continent.

Each 90 ball bingo game has three winning patterns and there for gives players 3 chances to win:
a single horizontal line. two horizontal lines. Full House (three horizontal lines).
Each winning pattern has a different prize. Once the first line is won, the game continues until a player wins with two horizontal lines and end once a player wins with a Full House for the games main prize. A Jackpot is also paid for any player who achieves the Full House within the Balls to Jackpot figure shown for that game.

90 ball online bingo card patterns

Bingo Patters are the actual patterns that the crossed off numbers must make on your card in order for you to win. 90 ball bingo has three winning patterns and gives players 3 seperate chances and prizes for winning at any of these patterns.
here are some of the 90 ball bingo card patterns:

Single Line – Occurs when a bingo player crosses off 5 numbers horizontally in a single line to win the game.

Two Lines – Occurs when a bingo player crosses off 10 numbers horizontally in two lines to win the game.

Full House – Occurs when a bingo player crosses off 15 numbers horizontally in three lines to win the game with what is coined as a full house.

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