75 Ball Bingo

Play 75 ball bingo

75 ball bingo is one of the most popular games that is played throughout the USA, Canada, and South America. While many variations of Bingo have shown up around the world, the 75 ball version has still stayed the most popular one of them all. In this game 75 balls can be called and these are divided into five columns of 15 balls each. Each column relates to the one of the B-I-N-G-O letters at the top.

In 75 ball bingo game, the cards have 25 assorted numbers that are arranged in five vertical and five horizontal columns. Each space in the bingo card contains a number, with the exception of the center square, which is left as an empty space. At the top of these vertical columns are the letters B-I-N-G-O which contain below them 5 vertical rows with the following numbers: 1 to 15 in the B column; 16 to 30 in the I column; 31 to 45 in the N column; 46 to 60 in the G column and 61 to 75 in the O column. Each and every card has a unique identification number for support purposes.

The objective of each game is to match the pattern for that game with the number balls that are called. Patterns on the card can be static or animated. When playing with static cards the pattern is typically shaded on each card to help you. when playing with animated pattern cards, Bingo can be achieved on any of the pattern used in that game. To date there are over 6000 different pattern combos possible which vary from a simple 4 Corners to a coverall pattern.

The game prize goes to the first player or players that achieve the assigned pattern. Each game also has a “balls to jackpot” number. If the winner achieves the pattern within this number of balls, then he wins the jackpot – usually a progressive prize.

75 ball online bingo card patterns

Bingo Patters are the actual patterns that the crossed off numbers must make on your card in order for you to win. Some of the most common patterns you will come across include corners or any line, letter patterns, number patters, etc.
here are some of the most common bingo card patterns:

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