Betting on Multi-Hand Blackjack

When the game of online black jack was first introduced, its main attraction was that it could be played with a single deck, making it easy for traveling gamblers to engage in a pick-up game any time there were at least two willing players and a deck of cards. Once blackjack was introduced in gambling halls and casinos, and once it became clear that that single deck made it all too easy for some players to count cards and beat the system, multi-hand blackjack soon became the operators’ choice. Currently, single-deck blackjack is largely a thing of the past, and even when it is offered it is generally played in a face down format.

Multi-hand blackjack can still be a profitable proposition for a smart player, but you won’t get very far without the right strategy. Some multi-hand blackjack games still allow for card counting, but the extra cards generally dictate a broader counting system. Instead of tracking every card, multi-hand card counting systems generally seek to designate the deck as either high or low. Of course some multi-hand blackjack games do away with card counting altogether by either utilizing a face down format or by operating with what’s called an “infinite deck.”

Whether or not card counting is an option at your favorite blackjack table, it’s still important to know the ideal times to hit, stand, double down or split. It’s easy to find a basic blackjack hit/stand strategy that will reduce the house edge to nearly even, but some players go so far as to break down their blackjack strategies depending on the size of the shoe. Whereas a basic multi-hand blackjack strategy will tell you to always hit at 16 if the dealer has an up card of 17 or higher, a more specific multi-hand strategy that also considers the shoe’s high or low status may advise otherwise.

Sure, you can build your own multi-hand blackjack strategy through trial and error, but the beauty of Betting on is that someone’s already done the hard work for you and the results are easy to find. For optimal results when betting on multi-hand blackjack, you’ll want to know how large of a shoe your favorite table pulls from and if the house rules state that the dealer stand at 16 or 17. Utilizing this information, it should be easy to locate a blackjack strategy designed specifically for those parameters

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