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United States Online Betting Given 6 Months Suspension

Online casino gambling advocates were celebrating after the United States Department Of Treasury and Federal Reserve Board announced implementation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was to be delayed by six months until June 1, 2010.

The act would have made it illegal for United States banks, credit card and financial companies to process internet Betting transactions but it has proved an unpopular piece of legislation and been challenged domestically as well as at the WHO.

“This is a great victory for poker but an even greater victory for advocates of good and fair public policy,” stated Poker Players Alliance Chairman,”These additional months are critical to provide legislators time to clarify Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and pass legislation to licence and regulate poker early next year.”

The delay allows online Betting protagonist congressman Barney Frank time to further push two pieces of legislation designed to further the online Betting. The passing of HR 2266 would initially delay the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act by an additional 6 months while HR2267 would “provide for the licensing of Internet Betting activities by the Secretary of the Treasury, to provide for consumer protections on the Internet, to enforce the tax code, and for other purposes.”

Following the announcements, Frank stated, they “deserve a great deal of credit for sUnited Statespending these midnight regulations promulgated by the Bush administration which would curtail the freedom of Americans to United Statese the Internet as they choose and which would pose unrealistic burdens on the entire financial community.”

“This will give United States a chance to act in an unhurried manner on my legislation to undo this regulatory excess by the Bush administration and to undo this ill-advised law,” Frank commented.

2 New Casino Games Released on Casino Euro‏

Casino Euro just aanounced the addition of 2 new exciting games DOUBLE EXPOSURE blackjack and PONTOON PROFESSIONAL.

Online Black Jack players will love this! A Casino Euro classic with a new turn; both cards are given face up to the player delivering the player a bigger advantage yet keep the house edge. Double Exposure aspects even money payout on all players wins involving black jack and dealer wins on all ties on all ties except tied black jack. Low/standard/High variants.

Classic Pontoon. only better. Both dealer cards are dealt face down with the institution of the 5 card trick producing new opportunities for the player. The dealer triumphs on all the ties containing Pontoon, safeguarding a house edge of 0.42. Pontoon also aspects a max payout of 2:1 up to 3 hands of concurrent game play.

About Casino Euro‏:
Casino Euro‏ is one of the quickest growing online casinos in Europe. The games and custumer support offered are suited to cater for the diverse and challenging European market. With enormous jackpots, monthly campaigns and unique promotions, Casino Euro is intended for the rarely seen elegant facility that sets the stage for a thrilling online casino and online poker event. The players can play the casino right in their web browser.

$200,000 Guaranteed Slot Tournament for Christmas

Casino and Tournament giant Crazy Slots Casino will be counting down to Christmas Day with the $200,000 Guaranteed Countdown to Christmas Freeroll Slot Tournament.

The Tournament starts on December 4th at 8PM (ET) and runs until Christmas Day, December 25th, 2009. The lucky 1st Place winner will be jingling all the way home with a massive $55,000. There are also prizes paid all the way to 1000th Place, giving you a pretty good shot at taking home some dough to stuff your stockings.

Why this one is so impressive? It’s absolutely free to enter. All you have to do is set up a real money account. There’s no deposit or credit card information required.

The featured game for the Tournament is the casino’s most popular; 5-Reel Wheel of Chance, which is a fun Game Show themed Slot Machine. When you make it to the bonus round, you’ll get to spin the Wheel of Chance for big winnings. The game also features a scatter pay that gives you free spins.

You will have a starting balance of $80 when the Tournament begins. Your goal is to try to get this balance as high as you can. You will see your ranking on the bottom left of the game screen.

You can win real money without having to pay a penny, but if you find yourself with a balance below $20 in the Tournament, you have the option to re-load for only $15.99, which will give you $325 to play with.

It doesn’t end there. Right after this Tournament is over, you can try your luck in the New Year’s $2010 Guaranteed Freeroll that starts December 31st 2009, and ends January 1st 2010. It’s always a good idea to check the Tournament lobby frequently for upcoming Tournaments.

Crazy Slots Casino is powered by Vegas Technology software and offers over 100 classic games including Black jack, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, Craps and Baccarat, and also some innovative new games that will blow any player away.

Polish Parliament bans online gambling

A new law recently approved in the Polish Parliament, which limits gambling to within the premises of casinos. The law’s approval comes after a huge fiasco, named “Blackjackgate”, rocked Prime Minister Tusk’s cabinet last month.

Following the fiasco, Prime Minister Tusk began a push towards the passage of tougher legislation regarding the country’s gambling industry. In a vote of 48 to three with 30 abstentions, the law passed in the Senate. However, it still requires the signature of President Kaczyński, of which Prime Minister Tusk is confident, stating: “Barring any surprises, I hope the president will be able to affix his signature as of November 30”.

The new legtistlations state that slot machines, previously offered in bars, cafes, service stations and some shopping centres, will only be offered within official casinos. It is estimated that over 50,000 machines may have to be removed. Also, individuals under 18 years of age will not be permitted to gamble at all.

The legislation also affects online gambling, which will no longer be offered under Polish legtistlation. However, the enforcement of this aspect of the law will inevitably prove much more difficult than even the removal of thousands of slot machines.

Report – Australia Better Off by Removing Online Casino Ban

Australia’s online casino gambling ban should be dropped and regulation placed on the Internet gambling industry, says a government report.
The Australian Federal Productivity Commission released the results of its study on gambling and its impact on the country this week, and among the recommendations is the suggestion to remove the national online casino ban. The commission notes that not only is the ban beset by questionable legality, but it is ineffective and leaves consumers unprotected. According to commission figures, Internet gambling represents 4 percent of the national gaming market even while banned, and that number is rising. The report says it is unacceptable to leave citizens in danger of an unregulated international industry, making it imperative to license online casinos. In order to guard children and problem gamblers, as well as prevent fraud and money laundering, the commission says Australia must give up on the failed ban and establish regulations upon the online gambling industry. Further, the report says removing the ban is also economically advisable, as protectionist policies continue market inefficiencies and draw lawsuits by legitimate foreign operators who suffer discriminatory policies.

“In its unregulated form, online gaming is available 24 hours a day, allows credit betting, has no intrinsic restrictions on bet size,” states the report. “The commission recommends that the Australian government allow online gaming subject to a strict regime of consumer protection.”

Online Casino Company PartyGaming Acquires World Poker Tour.

PartyGaming officials kept the online casinos company in preparedness to re-enter the US gambling market by  obtaining the World Poker Tour brand.
PartyGaming is ready to reintroduce the online blackjack, online roulette, online slot machines and poker to the U.S. gambling market.
 PartyGaming continued to get ready for a potential comeback to the US gambling market with yesterday’s purchase of the World Poker Tour. The online casino operator blitzed out $12.3 million for the WPT brand and goods. PartyGaming  purchased the WPT name, the rights to events held both in the US and Europe, television programming of 150 hours annually of poker tournaments, and 16,500 supporters already paying for poker subscriptions. Among the advantages for PartyGaming are the merging of the WPT brand, which was wanted by several other gaming operators, and the capability to carry on land-based connections with PartyGaming’s 12 million US customers it no longer can service online. PartyGaming Ceo Jim Ryan noted the deal merges “two of the biggest brands in online and offline poker”. PartyGaming  obligated to a revenue-sharing plan with WPT Enterprises, which will earn the sellers payments of at least $3 million over the next three years. Mandalay Media tried a last-minute attack to barrier the sale, offering $36 million for all of WPT Enterprises, but owners preferred just the sale of assets to PartyGaming.

German Internet Online Casino Ban May Disintegrate Internally

The first German state to pull back from the national prohibition on online casino gambling will most likely not be the last.  The German effort to care for the state gambling monopoly and stop foreign online casinos may disintegrate from inside. The state of Shleswig-Holstein has pledged to open its gaming market to private gambling promoters, and pull back from the agreement among German states to restrict internet online casinos. The German State Treaty on Gaming united Germany’s states in support of the national Internet gambling monopoly,  alleging that doing so is the only feasible means of defending consumers. However, EU discoveries indicate the move is more financially prompted, defending the state gaming structure from licensed competition by EU online casino promoters. Now, as Schleswig-Holstein  comes to be the first state to refuse the federal logic, other states are rumored to be prepared to follow suit and permit contentious internet online gambling in their borders.
Opening the market to EU rivalry would release Germany of potentially pricey infringement   by the European Commission. And consumers across Europe are requesting stateprotectionist bariers be removed to permit alternative in online gambling systems. Even if some shape of the monopoly is currently maintained, the State Treaty ends in 2012, permitting states to license internet online casinos freely after that point.

Money Makes The World and Congress Go Around

Money causes the Congress become sensitive of online casino gambling freedoms. The recommendation to regulate online casinos gambling is eventually getting consideration, now that revenue can be found by supporting for citizens rights.  The rules of the Constitution and the large majority will of the people have called for a elimination of the online casino gambling restriction and a recognition for personal freedom. However, as money to be made more and more comes to be the reason behind Internet casinos gambling regulation, it is now that the chosen leaders of the US notice the need to repeal the UIGEA and set up rules for online casino gambling.
A Congressional research establish that, if online casino gambling were controlled as proposed in Barney Frank’s bill, the estimated value revenue generated over the next decade would nearly aggregate to $42 billion. The opinion was provided by the Joint Committee on Taxation, which applied Frank’s recommended rule. “I’m always looking for money to deal with some of the problems I see out there,” said Representative Jim McDermott to the Wall Street Journal, stating on the effort to pull off the prohibition of freedom of choice. “This looked like a good place to find some revenue.”
Industry experts say, the US residents deposit over $100 billion a year at online casinos and Internet poker rooms. Frank says he still expects his regulatory bill is officially  thought over by the House Financial Services Committee before the end of the year. Frank is the committee chairman.

Casino Lobbyist to Stand for Online Gambling

A casino lobbyist with a qualified history knotted to US legislators will appear for Churchill Downs in
legislative issues including controlled USA Online Casino gambling and the troublesome online casino
prohibition. As Churchill Downs constructed steps this week to broaden its control of online casino
gambling in the US, the company also ready to defend itself with legislators by employing a long-time
lobbyist for US land casino benefits. D. Brett Hale, previously of the American Gaming Association, a
land casino industry instrument, will come to be Churchill’s senior vice president of corporate and
government relationship. Hale has acted for the AGA as a top administration lobbyist dealing with the US government for the last eight years. Previously, he was the chief of staff for US Representative Ed Whitfield, and had acted on the teams of Senators Slade Gorton and Mitch McConnell. Theorizing has roused as to why Churchill’s online gambling is permitted to act after frequent announcements by the US Department of Justice that it considers any forms of online gambling unlawful in the US. That preferred position may have cultivated stronger with the commencement of such a strong power broker as Hale.The AGA has long been an opposer of Internet gambling, but lately some members, including Harrah’s Entertainment, have flipped position and now chase regulation of online casinos and gaming. However, the AGA lobby is entrenched in the US law-making system, and lasting protectionism toward Churchill’s as it absorbs is most likely a company priority. Hale can definitely be handy to Churchill in his capacity to effect legislators and protect Churchill from free competition in online gambling.

Software Supplier RTG Adds Three New Online Casino Games.

RTG Online Casinos supplementing three new games for online casino gambling. Online Texas Holdem and Slot Machines. While many of the software for online casinos gambling, modernized objectively regularly, they incline to announce sub par games.  It is not the condition with the RTG online casinos, as they plaything in low quality gaming. Their games surpass much of the competition, and the most new additions to the RTG family of games are no uncommon.A new table game was introduced this week, that many betting poker supporters will be well-known with. Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker is the newest table game ready for use, putting together casino poker and Texas hold ’em  like never before. Like Let ‘Em Ride, Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker permits players to hold ’em, fold ’em, or check. Players will be allowed to place bets on the flop, the turn, and the river with the same framework and idea as regular Texas Hold ’em. Supplementally, the bonus feature permits for even more prizes every hand.
The second recently released game is a Real Series Progressive Slot. The outcome to RTG’s Shopping Spree Slot has hit the gaming platform, carrying Shopping Spree II to the tables. Shopping Spree II is a five reel, nine pay-line progressive slot that carries an enough action to satisfy the desire of any gambler With a minimal progressive jackpot of $100,000 dollars, this jackpot is jumping to grow enormous with even a small amount of time.
The last new addition to RTG casinos comes in the form of a five reel, fifty pay line video slot featuring with two jackpots. This slot game, Triple Twister, comes fully packed with scatter symbols, substitution symbols, and of course, the two progressive jackpots. Triple Twister has many ways to win, doubled up by the Win-Win bonus feature. For bets that fail to cover a minimum of ten times your wager on the bonus rounds, they will automatically be bumped beyond that multiple of ten times your bet.

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