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U.S. Senator wants to fund health care with casino gambling

An increased focus on the benefits of online casino gambling regulation are expected as the Senate Finance Committee considers a proposal introduced on Saturday to use online gambling revenue to offset the costs of health care reform. The amendment offered by U.S. U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) would dedicate online gambling tax revenue generated through implementation of the currently pending Internet Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act (H.R. 2267) to increase low-income subsidies provided through the America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009. A PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis shows that collecting taxes on regulated online gambling would allow the U.S. to capture up to $62.7 billion over the next decade.

“We applaud U.S. U.S. Senator Wyden’s proposal to collect and put to good use tens of billions in online gambling revenue that would otherwise be lost in the underground marketplace,” said Michael Waxman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure online gambling Initiative. “The Senate Finance Committee should approve this resolution, finally putting to an end a failed prohibition on online gambling that leaves Americans unprotected and unlicensed offshore operators as the only beneficiary in a thriving marketplace.”

The online gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2009 (H.R. 2267), introduced in May by House Committee on Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA), would establish a framework to permit licensed gambling operators to accept wagers from individuals in the U.S. The legislation mandates a number of significant consumer protections including safeguards against compulsive and underage gambling, money laundering, fraud and identify theft. Additional provisions in the legislation reinforce the rights of each state to determine whether to allow online gambling activity for people accessing the Internet within the state and to apply other restrictions on the activity as determined necessary.

A companion to Chairman Frank’s legislation introduced by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA), the online gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act (H.R. 2268), would raise revenue for the U.S. Treasury primarily through ensuring that applicable individual taxes, corporate taxes and license fees on regulated USA online casino gambling activities are collected. Without this legislation, this revenue will remain uncollected while millions of Americans gamble online without consumer protections.

Titan Poker Will host Next European Championship of Online Poker

Titan Poker is Will host the European Championship of Online Poker V, the sites operators announced.

This year’s European Championship of Online Poker events begin on November 23rd and run through December 6th 2009. The total prize pools add up to a guaranteed $4,550,000, with just one tournament taking place per day to give players the options of playing in each game.

The main event will have $1.5 million guaranteed.

Players worldwide have been playing in the European Championship of Online Poker events since 2007 when Titan Poker offered a record $2.5 million in guaranteed prize pools. The series of tournament has grown, and the prize pools along with it.

Titan Poker will have the European Championship of Online Poker V events starting on November 23rd through December 6th 2009. The total prize pools add up to $4,550,000 guaranteed. Only one tournament will take place per day so players can get a chance to participate in all the events they like. The main event will have $1.5 million guaranteed.

There will be satellites starting today for as low as $1 + $0.10.
In other Titan Poker news, a $7.5K speed re-buy tournament will start at 5:20 pm ET, five minutes later a $7,5K deep stack freezeout tournament will start. A $7K guaranteed turbo will start at 6:05 pm.
A super satellite to the ECPoker Tour Malta was run this past Sunday and three packages were awarded, the winners were: cheyenne27, JKHOSSY and Monniksgier. That same day the $250k guaranteed was played out, after almost eight hours of play and outlasting the eight hundred and fifty nine players DTFCNo1 took the first place prize of $56K, the runner-up was linmao with $30K and the third place finisher was AgentSmit with $20K.

Lucky Ace Casino Announces New Depositing Methods

In an effort to continue expanding and improving their players offers through popular site Lucky Ace Casino, has announced the addition of more payment options for players.

Designed to make the casino deposit process easy and more convenient, Lucky Ace Casino now offers a more comprehensive depositing service that features a wide range of “quick, easy and safe methods just a click or two away”.

The highlights of these improvements are:

WebMoney, “for our members in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus – a multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online.”

Cargatucuenta, “a payment gateway to our Spanish members where they will have the ability to purchase Ukash vouchers online using their local bank account or from a local Caixa Galicia or La Caixa ATM Terminals.”

To help new players, Lucky Ace Casino gambling site has also added new customized instructions focusing on announcing these new payment methods to help let players know that playing and depositing is now easier than ever.

South Carolina poker players win appeal

The Charleston Post and Courier reported that: “It isn’t time to go ‘all in’ just yet, but five poker players busted for gambling in Mount Pleasant three years ago apparently have scored an early appeals win.

“The judge overseeing their case wrote this week he is reversing the outcome of their February trial, essentially tossing out their convictions.

“In a one-page letter, Circuit Judge R. Markley Dennis Jr. said it was likely that the players’ chosen game of “Texas Hold ’em” – which relies on bluff, bet and card know-how to be successful – would withstand the legal test of being a game of skill versus an illegal game of chance.

“‘When faced with the issue, it is my opinion that the S.C. Supreme Court will likely adopt the ‘dominate factor test,’ Dennis wrote attorneys from both sides of the case. ‘Under the dominate factor test, Texas Hold ’em is not gaming or gambling,’ he said.

“Additionally, the judge said a section of the state’s anti-gambling laws, as applied to this case, is ambiguous and ‘unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.’ The municipal court decision ‘must be reversed,’ he said…”

Jackpot Factory four new casino games in September

The Jackpot Factory kicks off September with four new online gambling games: three exciting video slots packed with features, and a new level-up video poker. They’re scheduled to arrive this September 1st.

Scoop the Cash Video Slot is a 5-reel 25-line slot offers two bonus features with two separate Scatter symbols: the Safe and the Dice.
Three or more Safe symbols awards a special payout – 5, 20 or 50 times the original bet, and triggers free spins with doubled payouts. If five Safe symbols appear, the player will win 50x the total bet and get 20 free spins!
The Dice symbol launches a completely unique bonus round. The player will have the opportunity to roll the dice 2, 3 or 4 times. The results of those dice rolls pay out according to the paytable on the screen. The results of each bonus round are saved, if a player eventually collects all of the possible “three-of-a-kind” combinations, he’ll win 100x his bet!

Jewels of the Orient online Slot machine offers treasures of the Far East will dazzle all who play this generous 5-reel 9-payline slot. The Palace scatter symbol offers three exciting opportunities in one! Win up to 40 free spins with up to a 5x multiplier and get a bonus payout of up to 120x your total bet! A second screen bonus round features a choice of decorative jewelry boxes. A lucky choice could win you 40 free spins with a 5x multiplier!

Lumber Cats Video Slot is a hard-working slot is packed with winning features. Three Tree scatter symbols launch the Tree Climb bonus round. Pick the right cat for the job and win big! When the Log symbol combines with the Wild Lumber Cat, you’ll win five free re-sins in the Log Roll feature!

Double Joker Level-Up Video Poker supports two jokers which are better than one in this newest addition to the level-up video poker series. Each winning hand will take your poker rewards to the next level, and even in the event of a loss, the Free Ride feature will give you the winning edge!

Mecca Bingo player gets a mortgage free year!

Mecca bingo luckiest player of the moment is XNIKKIS_HUBBYX. He won his mortgage paid for a full year by Mecca Bingo! How’s that for a prize?

Announced via a live prize draw in our most popular chat room XNIKKIS_HUBBYX won this amazing prize as part of our month long House Bingo promotion in which all players were given the chance to enter into the draw simply by playing a game of House Bingo throughout August.

XNIKKIS_HUBBYX, 37, had just started to play Bingo online as he discovered his wife’s account; she had been playing online since the start of the year. XNIKKIS_HUBBYX said: “My wife encouraged me to join after she found me using her account. Once I joined I’d only been playing for less than a week before I won the draw.

“It took three or four days to sink in. I couldn’t believe my luck! This is one of the biggest Gets so I was very happy!”

A Mecca Bingo spokesman commented: “At Mecca bingo we are always looking for new and interesting ways to engage with our players and offer sought after prizes that truly excite the Bingo community.

“We are extremely pleased for XNIKKIS_HUBBYX and his wife and it’s great to see our loyal players encouraging new people to join. We hope that they enjoy their mortgage free year.” Released for Canadian players

Bodog Europe is excited to finnally announce another important moment in the brand’s history: the launch of the Bodog experience to the Canadian players. Perhaps fittingly, Bodog Europe’s launch of coincides with the 15-year anniversary of Bodog, for the first time giving Canadian players the ability to cash in on some hot new promotions just in time for the remainder of the CFL season and the beginning of the NFL and NHL seasons.

Bodog Europe is lead by industry veteran and Managing Director Keith McDonnell, and is regulated and licensed by the Antigua & Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Directorate of Offshore Gaming. McDonnell noted, “We’re extremely excited to be able to bring the unique Bodog experience to Canadian players. Canadians are passionate sports fans and are extremely savvy consumers. Bodog is known world-over for its unmatched customer service and here at Bodog Europe we put the player’s experience and entertainment ahead of all else – I’m confident that we’re going to quickly earn Canadians’ loyalty and trust.” offers Canadian players safe, secure and simple access to world-class sports betting, a thriving and dynamic online poker community, and a full Vegas-style online gambling casino with more than 80 casino games. Bodog Europe offers its players a simple, feature-rich sports betting product, offering a vast selection of sports betting opportunities across all major leagues and featuring live betting and an 80+ track Racebook. The Sportsbook also has a particular focus on Canada’s most popular sports: NHL Hockey and CFL Football.

Bodog Europe – the upstart Bodog brand licensee already taking the UK by storm with its European-facing site – had originally secured the rights to the world-famous “Bodog” brand for use in Europe only. However, when Bodog Europe Managing Director Keith McDonnell learned of’s willingness to entertain proposals to license the brand for use within Canada, he was quick to act, and secured the exclusive Canadian license.

“Bodog is celebrating its fifteenth year anniversary this year – an absolutely remarkable pedigree and testament to its enduring values in an industry that quickly kills off mediocrity. The brand has gone through quite an evolution during that long history, and Bodog Europe is looking forward to carrying the torch forward for at least another fifteen years of world-class customer service, unbeatable promotions, and, above all – fun.”

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Upheld by appeals court

A U.S. appeals court upheld the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in a unanimous 3-0 ruling Tuesday.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals rejected both iMEGA’s argument that the UIGEA was too vague and that it violated privacy rights.

The ruling didn’t come as a surprise to legal experts following the case.

“Anytime you challenge an act of Congress that doesn’t involve pure political speech, you’ve got an awfully large hill to climb,” explained Buffalo State business law professor Joe Kelly. “They constructed the best argument they could have, but it was an extreme long shot.”

One of the arguments that iMEGA focused on was that the UIGEA violated privacy rights. The online casino gambling trade associate cited two cases — Lawrence v. Texas and Reliable Consultants Inc. v. Earle — as examples of how the UIGEA infringed on privacy.

But Judge Dolores Sloviter, who authored the opinion for the Philadelphia-based court, didn’t mince words in dismissing iMEGA’s claims.

“Interactive’s (iMEGA) reliance on those cases is misplaced,” Sloviter stated.

“Both Lawrence and Earle involved state laws that barred certain forms of sexual conduct between consenting adults in the privacy of the home,” Sloviter said. “As the Supreme Court explained in Lawrence, such laws ‘touch upon the most private human conduct, sexual behavior, and in the most private of places, the home.’

“Gambling, even in the home, simply does not involve any individual interests of the same constitutional magnitude. Accordingly, such conduct is not protected by any right to privacy under the constitution.”

Joe Brennan Jr., chairman of the iMEGA, declared after the ruling was announced that Sloviter’s ruling contained a silver lining.

“The court made it clear – gambling on the Internet is unlawful where state law says so. But there are only a half-dozen states which have laws against Internet gambling, leaving 44 states where it is potentially lawful. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start.”

Brennan also stated that iMEGA has not decided yet if it will appeal the ruling.

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